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A listing of FAQs separated by category.

Are there any sample comics that I can look at?2019-08-27T10:13:13-04:00

Yes, you can view sample comics here –

Do I have to download any additional software to use Comic-BEE?2019-04-10T15:25:19-04:00

Nope! No additional software or plugins are required.

Can I download the comics I create?2019-04-10T15:26:19-04:00

Yes, the comics you create can be downloaded as a .zip file, which contains an HTML file. Once unzipped, the HTML file can be read with any HTML-5 compliant browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and can be hosted on your own web server.

Can I host and share my comics on Comic-BEE?2019-04-10T15:27:16-04:00

Yes.  You will need to use tokens to host your comic on the Comic-BEE server; each subscription type comes with a default number tokens. You may purchase additional tokens in the Comic-BEE app at any time. When you publish your comic to the Comic-BEE server, you can select the number of times your comic can be viewed. The number of views per token depends upon the type of subscription, and bulk discount options exist in every subscription type.

Do I need to turn off my adblocker software for Comic-BEE?2019-04-10T15:30:22-04:00

Even though we do not use advertisements on our site, we do recommend adjusting your adblocker to allow the sites and, as some users have reported issues with reading comics or using the application when blocking ads on our domain.

How do I switch between workflows in the Comic-BEE web app?2019-04-10T15:33:24-04:00

There is a drop-down menu in the app navigation bar near the top-left of the page that will allow you to switch between the four workflows: Plan Lesson, Layout Storyboard, Write Script, and Create Final Comic.

Can I work on more than one project at the same time?2019-04-29T16:50:12-04:00

Yes, but we do recommend that you work on each project in different web browser, not just separate tabs or windows of the same browserIf you work on different projects from in the same web browser, changes may not be saved to the correct comic project.  

Comic-BEE is for kids, right?2020-01-06T10:01:04-05:00

Comic-BEE isn’t just for kids, it is also for adults. You can create comics with stories that are complex or simple on a wide variety of topics that can be tailored to any age group. 

How do I save a backup or an export of my comic project?2019-04-29T16:51:34-04:00

The easiest way to backup of your project is to navigate to the project listing page and click ‘Export’ for the project you want back up. A modal will appear that allows you to choose how much of your project to export – from just the lesson plan to all four parts (lesson plan, script, storyboard, final comic) of your comic project.  As the modal indicates, the export process is cumulative and will automatically include all preceding parts of your comic project 

Note that the exported file content cannot be viewed or edited directly from your computer even when unzipped; the zip file must be imported into Comic-BEE as a new project.  

You can also share thexported project file with other Comic-BEE users; by importing the zip file into their account, they have their own copy of the comic project which they can rename and modify. 

How do I create a scene?2019-04-10T15:37:07-04:00

To create a scene, click the “New Scene” button at the left of the toolbar located directly above the canvas that contains your story graph. A modal will appear where you can identify a scene type, title, description, and choices. You can view our video tutorial here on how to create a scene.

How do I connect a scene to another scene in my branching story?2019-09-16T12:37:22-04:00

Scenes are connected by linking a choice from one scene to the subsequent scene.  Move the cursor to the center of the choice in the story graph; when the cursor is positioned correctly, it will change to a pointing hand. Then, click the mouse and drag the cursor to the subsequent scene; an arrow will appear. Keep dragging the cursor until the head of the arrow is on the subsequent scene, and then release the mouse. You can view our video tutorial here on how to connect your scenes.

Where do I rank endings for a scored comic?2020-01-06T10:12:31-05:00

On the Write Script page, click on the black vertical bar with a left pointing arrow that is to the far right of the script graph. Use the Rank Endings tab that appears to sort your endings from best (#1) to worst (last).

How do I move my graphic asset forward or backward in the panel canvas?2019-04-11T12:54:12-04:00

You can move graphic assets forward or backward in your storyboard by using Layers in the vertical Asset Options menu to the right of the canvas: select the graphic asset in the Layers list and drag it up or down to the desired position.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Bring forward’, ‘Bring to front’, ‘Send backward’, and ‘Send to back’ toolbar buttons to move your graphic asset forward or backward.