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How effective is your human resources training? HR specialists provide important training for employees about compliance and workplace etiquette, including topics that are uncomfortable to discuss—like sexual harassment. But ever year, more organizations get sued, and are often held liable for damages.
So why not try something different?

Nobody Likes Roleplaying

Most employees sit through at least one sexual harassment seminar. One of the hallmarks of that kind of event is calling two (or three, or eight) employees up in front of everyone to roleplay a damaging scenario. And you know what?
It’s embarrassing. Really embarrassing—for everyone. The people up front, the people watching, the people who hear about it… well, it’s rough for everyone involved.
Then they all get up and move on with their lives. And according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, tens of thousands of those embarrassed employees didn’t understand the training.
Comic-BEE is more effective than subjecting your employees to an embarrassing presentation that leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable. Using Comic-BEE, you can combine scenario-based education with assessment, all at once. HR trainers can create specific scenarios that reenact real-life cases, and all employees will participate, guiding the narrative through various outcomes. In other words, they not only have to consume the material, they have to prove they understand it
And all of that takes place in a safe, self-paced environment, in which your employees can respond honestly, without fear of public embarrassment.
And nobody has to stand up in front of everyone and try to act.

Identify Areas of Concern

One of the most common criticisms of companies revealed to have deep culture problems is: “Why didn’t they know this was a problem?” 

The answer to this is that, in most cases, companies can only really act if there’s a complaint. Preventative measures are limited to education and observation—you have to spot a problem before it starts. Comic-BEE can help with that.

You can use Comic-BEE to create course materials to cover specific issues, either ones your organization has had in the past, or broader ones designed to identify a range of potential issues. You can target these trainings to shine a spotlight on problems, or identify employees who need help.

Some companies employ surveys for this purpose, but it’s much more difficult for people to identify with plain text, no matter how descriptive it may be. With Comic-BEE, you can create whole scenarios, including the problems that may arise, the choices someone involved might make, and demonstrate the consequences that can come with those actions. The decisions your employees make are used to create scores, so you can see whether or not a problem is broad, or limited to certain people.

Better yet, Comic-BEE’s invitation system lets you limit who can access each training course. You can craft lessons and invite specific employees to participate, and each session is identified and tracked from the administrator’s console. The results of their training can be scored and objectively assessed.

In other words, HR can send out a carefully tailored training course to specific employees to determine whether they grasp a particular issue, like sexual harassment. Some may not realize that certain behaviors cause workplace problems (or could lead to civil or legal litigation). This type of training can help you determine who may cause a problem, and help you prevent the problem before an incident occurs, such as through training, counseling, or other administrative action.

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