Using Comic-BEE with a College Course

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Want to engage your college students more deeply in your course topic and assess their understanding of course materials? Have them create a branching web-comic using Comic-BEE instead of writing a term paper! Students have reported that writing a comic in Comic-BEE is more enjoyable than writing a paper, and instructors say that reading the comics was faster to evaluate than a paper with citations. Read more about this novel approach, and learn about one professor’s experience using Comic-BEE.

Comics for National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week

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November is National Career Development month and November 12-17 is National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week (NCCAW). Comic-BEE will be doing its part to support NCCAW’s goal to inspire, educate, and engage children through adults to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

Laurin Buchanan joins the CJS Editorial Board

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Laurin Buchanan, Principal Investigator for Comic-BEE, has joined the Editorial Board of Cybersecurity Skills Journal: Practice and Research (CSJ), published by the National CyberWatch Center (NCC). The CSJ is a unique “hybrid-access” scholarly publication focused exclusively on cybersecurity skills and is the first publication to bridge the profession's theory-practice divide by publishing research on the theories, measurement methods, evidence-based practices, and effective pedagogy required for the skilled performance of cybersecurity tactics, techniques, and protocols. The journal’s goal is to improve [...]

Comic-BEE Awarded Best Student Learning Aid

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We are pleased to announce that Comic-BEE was selected as the Best Student Learning Aid in the 2nd Annual Innovations in Cybersecurity Education Awards from the National CyberWatch Center. The awards were announced on August 2, 2018 at the 2018 Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) at Mt. Hood Community College, in Gresham, Oregon. Built on research with educators and developed by Secure Decisions, Comic-BEE is a web application that lets educators and students design, script, storyboard, and publish branching interactive [...]

Laurin Buchanan to speak at the 2018 CyberUSA Conference, Jan. 30

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Laurin Buchanan, Principal Investigator for Secure Decisions and an industry leader in cyber security education, was invited to speak at the 2018 CyberUSA Conference on January 30th, in San Antonio, Texas. Ms. Buchanan will be part of a panel exploring new advancements in cyber security education programs and practices. Moderated by Loyce Pailen, of the University of Maryland, Ms. Buchanan will be joined on the panel by Akhtar Lodgher of Texas A&M University’s Computing and Cyber Security department, and Matt Loeb, [...]

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